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Luscious Bloom Silk Wash

Our Luscious Bloom Silk Wash is formulated for those who appreciate the beauty of silk. Made from plant extracts, the Mediterranean essential oil ingredient helps to prevent bacterial, deep cleanses, keeps your silk smooth, wrinkle-free, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Paula London has created a luscious silk wash formulated for the delicate textures of silk. This essential silk wash with a Mediterranean orange blossom fragrance helps to prevent bacteria and tough stains from remaining in your silk fabrics, helping your silk to retain its shape and color for longer.The environmentally friendly wash ensures gentle deep cleansing, keeping your fabric smooth, wrinkle-free and always smelling fresh. The silk wash is made from organic plant extracts, ensuring that your silk remains beautiful for longer. You can now wash your silk fabrics and garments without fear of spoiling or breaking the silk fibres. Your garments will remain fresh and lustrous without losing their shine or colour fading.

Plant based extract formula with soft amino acid cleansing essence, amphoteric surfactant, coco glucoside, lemon extract, linden seed extract, plant mite repellent, and Mediterranean orange blossom essential oil to prevent bacteria, moisturize and repair your silk fibers.

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