How to Repair Torn Silk Garments

How to Repair Torn Silk Garments

Silk is strong, however, it can become damaged when it is washed with harsh detergents, not stored properly or even wrung. This means that the fibres can break, forming tears in your fabric.

There are several ways you can repair your silk tears, it is advisable to allow an experienced garment maker to help you. How you repair silk tears depends on the type of silk it is and the size of the tears. Smaller tears are often easier to fix than larger ones.

How to fix silk tears : 

● Fusible Interfacing: Fusible interfacing is a technique for repairing self that involves adding a fabric which is called fusible interfacing fabric to the underside of the garment to join the torn fabric. This is an invisible fix to your fabric. You can buy fusible interfacing at any fabric store. All you need to do is measure your silk tear and cut your fusible fabric 1 inch longer and wider. Arrange the silk on your ironing board wrong side up and place the edges of your tear as close together as you can. Flatten the edges of the tear, placing a cloth over your silk and pressing the iron over it. Remove the cloth and place the fusible fabric over the tear with the adhesive side touching the silk. Spray the cloth with water and place in it over the silk and fusible fabric. Press the iron over the cloth for as long as the manufacturer of the fusible fabric recommends so that the fusible fabric can adhere to the silk. Remove the iron and cloth and your garment should be fixed.

● Silk Patch: An alternative to repairing silk tears is by patching it with the same material. This technique is used by people who can sew. This will usually work best if you take fabric from the same garment you are working on, so some unnecessary fabric like the inside of a pocket or overlong inner facing will work. Measure your tear and cut out a patch that is 1 inch longer and wider than your tear. Cut away any jagged edges on the tear. Thread your needle with silk thread of the same colour or close match. Place your patch and pin in place then sew it. After sewing, place your garment on an ironing board and iron with a cloth over your garment. This will help flatten the stitches you just made.

Your silk tears will be good as new with these techniques and you can continue wearing your garments rather than retiring them and feeling regretful.

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