Paula London x Mea Gold Silk Beauty Box

Paula London x Mea Gold Silk Beauty Box

A beauty box is an amazing way to compile your favourite products or find new products that you have never tried before. Most beauty boxes are subscription-based, requiring you to pay a monthly cost for a monthly box full of items.

However, Paula London has partnered with beauty guru Mea Gold to bring you a beauty box of top quality silk products to make your life better and more beautiful.

In our silk beauty box, you will find products made from the finest mulberry silk guaranteed to have you feeling loved, luxurious and beautiful.


In this box, you will find:

● Silk Pillowcase: Silk bedding has long been lauded as one of the best beauty decisions you can make for your skin and hair. Silk provides a smooth surface for your skin and hair, helping them remain healthy and strong. Keep your skin and hair hydrated, prevent wrinkles and even heal your acne without products just by sleeping every day on a silk pillowcase. If you have allergies, be at ease because the hypoallergenic qualities of silk will provide relief for your allergies. With this pillowcase, you will receive a beautiful gift; healthier hair and skin as well as relief from your allergies.

● Silk Headband: Silk headbands are a beautiful addition to your hair accessories. Made from the finest mulberry silk, this smooth and beautiful headband will help you maintain your edges, reduce hair tension and reduce frizz. This silk headband guarantees healthier more beautiful hair.

● Silk Scrunchies: In the Silk Beauty Box, you receive three scrunchies, one large scrunchie and a pair of small scrunchies. Scrunchies are always good for holding your hair in a puff, bun or ponytail, however most scrunchies tug at your hair and increase friction. Silk is a smooth fabric that gives the least friction. This means that while it looks beautiful on your hair, it will not tug at your hair causing hair loss, instead, it will hydrate your hair, prevent it from looking frizzy and maintain its natural shine. You will also experience less breakage as a result of using our beautifully crafted silk scrunchies.

Treat yourself and your friends to this lovely Beauty Box and elevate your beauty together.

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