How to Clean Stained or Discoloured Silk

How to Clean Stained or Discoloured Silk

Silk is beautiful and lustrous, however, it can be easily damaged if care is not taken with the maintenance of the fabrics. Because of the delicate nature of silk, it can easily become damaged without adequate care and attention. Ensure that you check the tags on your garments to ensure that you are caring for


If you find that your silk garment is stained or discoloured, it is easy to feel discouraged that your silk cannot be fit. However, you can clean it or hand it off to a dry cleaner who is experienced with silk fabric to clean it.


Stained silk

To easily remove stains from silk you will need a large bowl for washing, plenty of cold water, a delicate detergent or silk wash.


● Before washing, treat the stain with a gentle stain remover or detergent. Look for products with a “delicate” tag on them or shop our Silk Wash. Pour a few drops of the stain remover on the stain and dab gently. Do not rub at it. Leave the silk to rest for 5-10 minutes to allow the detergent some time to work.

● Wash your silk in cold water, rinse and lay flat to dry.


Discoloured silk

To treat your discoloured silk, you will need a large bowl for washing, cold water, delicate detergent or silk wash and vinegar. Vinegar is known to help prevent yellowing of silk. Do not use bleach as it destroys silk fibres.

● Wash your silk in cold water and delicate detergent and rinse properly.

● Fill your container with cold water and add half a cup of vinegar.

● Soak your silk in the vinegar solution.

● Rinse in cold water.

● Lay your silk flat to dry. Do not wring your silk.


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