Silk VS Satin

Silk VS Satin

Silk and satin are so similar that people often mistake them for each other at first glance. However, they each have their own distinctive look, feel and benefits to your skin. Choose wisely, your beauty and health may depend on it.


What most people call silk is actually polyester satin.
But these fabrics are actually far different from each other. Mulberry silk or classic silk is the natural fibre harvested from the cocoon of the silkworm, while satin is a synthetic fibre made from polyester.. The main difference between mulberry silk and satin is in the weave of the fabric and its appearance.
Mulberry silk is made from a specific type of protein that occurs naturally. This makes the fabric shiny and lustrous on both sides as well as soft. The  softness of mulberry silk  cannot be replicated by man made efforts. Therefore, mulberry silk is labour intensive to produce and the cost of production is high, resulting in higher cost of purchase and world-wide appreciation of the fabric.
Silk satin however, is made from polyester. The satin “weave” makes the fabric shiny on one side and dull on the other side. Silk satin is not necessarily soft as it does not contain the protein found in mulberry silk. Satin is more readily available as it is cheaper to make and mass produce. Therefore, it is the more popular choice for making clothing, bedding and other luxury items.
Which fabric then is better for your skin and hair?
The fabric you choose is dependent on your beauty needs. Silk is more breathable and absorbent. This ensures that your hair and skin will not suffocate for lack of air. However, if you would like to retain more moisture in your hair, choose satin. Silk is known to be hypoallergenic so you will not be at risk of any allergic reactions while you sleep on, or wear this fabric. Lastly, silk is known to have skin healing properties. If you have got acne or pimples, swap out your pillowcase for a silk one and watch your skin become clearer. Silk as with most natural fabirs requires special care to keep it beautiful for longer.
Satin on the other hand is less absorbent, making it a more popular choice among the natural hair community. Satin is cool to the touch, giving a luxurious feeling to those who choose it for bedding. Satin also drapes nicely and is easier to clean. 
Using silk or satin for your beauty needs will depend on your goals. Choose the fabric that works for you and watch the magic happen.
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