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Our Founder

"Ethically invest in premium silk that not only benefits your appearance, but also your health" 

                              - Founder Paula London  

Paula London 100% Silk Founder  

 Born in Nigeria and raised in London as a teen, over 10 years as a signed high fashion model, a Bachelors in Computing Science & Business, a Masters in Business Analysis and Consulting from Hertfordshire University, U.K, with over 6 years working in Corporate Finance and Management Consulting in the city of London - Our founder Paula Okunzuwa launched Paula London in August of 2020, right in the middle of the Pandemic. 

Paula first fell in love with silk on a holiday with friends to Bangkok, Thailand and that was where her search for the finest of silks began.
Paula’s passion for fashion and love for silk, grew into her wanting to incorporating rich colourful print designs from her African roots on silk, which originates from Asia. 
For Paula, the Paula London brand embodies her African heritage, extensive worldwide travels, cultures and people she has met along her life’s journey. Paula London embodies everything that makes her the woman she is today. Paula wants to share her love for fashion, design, and beauty with other women who are just as passionate about looking and feeling good. 
Paula London prides itself in delivering products that are ethical and consciously sustainable, which is why Paula London silk products are made with utmost love from the finest silks sourced in Asia and Europe, with each piece of clothing and accessory exclusively handmade with care in Dubai.